Final Expense Sales Training & Presentation

Final Expense Sales Training & Presentation

Come be part of our team, where we make an investment in you! Bootcamp? I’ve been told I should charge for our Final Expense Sales Presentation Training. I have not felt comfortable doing that because I feel that should just be part of the package—part of you becoming a member of my team. Someone that is selling the training, obviously that is where they are making their money. There’s no investment in you and no incentive to make sure you succeed. Their money is made up-front.

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“I recommend very few people in tis crazy business but Shannon Davey is one of a kind. Very honest and upfront. He will bend over backwards to help someone. His training #1. He can show you want to do and what not to. Shannon, you are the Man! ” Wes Chorn

A comprehensive solution for insurance agents- Final Expense Boot Camp

When someone hears the term insurance agent, they think it is just some annoying person who wants to sell insurance to unknowing and gullible people. Nowadays, people are more aware about insurance but not enough to actually buy one. While online insurance products and direct writing from companies are available, the humble insurance agent is still a vital force for that multi-billion dollar industry. Life insurance is vital not for the policyholder but its beneficiaries and that is why the Final Expense Boot Camp was created to ensure that agents will make the right impression, nail their appointment and generate steady commissions from each client they sell insurance to.
The Final Expense Boot Camp is a great classroom experience in which groups of interested individuals can take advantage of the lessons and training to become skilled insurance brokers/agents. What’s more appealing about this service is that there is a video training program available so those who are interested about becoming agents can actually use the videos for added learning and more insights about becoming insurance agents. The video training is a major part of the boot camp, consisting of a wide range of lessons to further prepare agents about this unique service.

What makes the video lessons appealing is not just about the content, but actually how comprehensive the topics are, looking at the simplest to the more complicated topics and really prepping students to the actual career experience. There are actual presentations with clients, revealing real life situations and instances in which the agent has to step up to become more effective. While in-classroom experience is vital, the video lessons online are insightful enough to make the agent more confident about dealing with customers and preparing for the big day. These helpful videos are part of the boot camp package so you are assured a truly immersive training experience off and online.

Why Do Agents Fail In Final Expense?

There are three reasons agents fail in Final Expense sales jobs:

  1. They don’t have a good lead source
  2. They don’t have a good presentation in that they don’t know how to properly present final expense.
  3. They don’t have a good work ethic.  Agents can have a good lead source, have a good presentation, but if they don’t have a good work ethic, then they are dead in the water.

All of our top agents are delivering a minimum of fifteen presentations a week.

What is the importance of final expense leads?  Leads are just part of the equation.  They are a tool to help you give 15-20 presentations a week.

Where does the training come in?  Final Expense Boot Camp gives agents the best presentation out there.

So now agents should be thinking, “I’ve got twenty leads, I ‘ve got a good presentation, now it’s all up to me, it’s all up to my work ethic.”  If an agent decides, “I’m going to just give five presentations”, then that agent has just fired himself.   If an agent has twenty leads and only gives five presentations, that would be like getting a job at Walmart that requires forty hours of work a week, but only showing up for five hours.    How long would it be before Walmart fired that employee?

Working for oneself as a final expense sales agent is no different.  The work ethic has to be there and that is what makes the difference between success and failure in the final expense market.

Free Final Expense Presentation Training

Why do we not charge for Final Expense Bootcamp?  I’ve been told I should charge for our Final Expense Sales Presentation Training.  I have not felt comfortable doing that because I feel that should just be part of the package—part of you becoming a member of my team.  Someone that is selling the training, obviously that is where he is making his money.  There’s no investment in you and no incentive to make sure you succeed.  His money is made up-front.

I don’t believe in selling our final expense sales training materials, because I’m going to reap the rewards of training you when you go out there and become successful.  There is no reason to fleece the flock.  You are already working on straight commission, you have to have money for gas, you have to put money up for leads—I would rather you took your resources and put them in to going out into the field and getting in front of clients.  It is just what feels fair to me.  Come be a part of our team, where we make an investment in you.

Getting Started in the Final Expense Business

If you are licensed, contracting takes about 2-3 weeks to get numbers.  Once you receive your numbers you are ready to get off the ground and running.  While waiting for your writing numbers, we recommend you place a fresh direct-mail lead order in so that way by the time your numbers come in, leads will show up shortly after.

Also, during those 2-3 weeks, it’s crunch time.  This is why we call it Boot Camp—it is hard-core training.  The agents are going to have to learn the presentation, learn the companies and the underwriting guidelines of those companies, how to fill out the application, how to add up the premiums and how to navigate the different options for each client.   Each company’s underwriting requirements are different—agents need to learn which company to place clients with.  With some companies, if you are on home health care, it is an automatic decline.  Some companies don’t ask the question.  Some companies, if you were insulin dependent before age 50, it is an automatic decline, some it’s an automatic return of premium with a waiting period.  Some, they don’t ask the question.  If all that is going on with the client is insulin-dependency before 50, we can get them first day coverage.

Now, once an agent goes through the Final Expense Boot Camp training, those leads come back in, they go out immediately with those leads, they go out and deliver the presentation we trained them on.  They can write business, and most of our agents do write business, that very first day they go out.  They come home, they submit the application, and within 3-5 days of that submission, the commission will be in their bank account.  We have arrangements with our core carriers that pay commission on issue.   Within 3-4 weeks of signing up, someone who has never sold final expense insurance before can expect commissions.   We know that to be successful in the final expense insurance field, you need to bring three things to the table: a strong work ethic, a good attitude, and your personal presentation.  Go through Final Expense Boot Camp and you will have a great personal presentation.  The rest is up to you.