We are Merrell Insurance Group 

Merrell Insurance Group was started in 1996 by Merrell Shannon Davey. We are proud to say that we are one of the most respected and fastest growing agencies in the final expense market. This is partly due to our extensive online video training, one on one ride-along training, our famous Final Expense Boot Camp training, exclusive lead platform, high contracts, and most of all personal relationships with all of our agents!

Merrell Insurance Group

Our Specialties


Our online video training is industry leading. We take you all the way from setting your appointments, packing your supplies and briefcase, the presentation of your car, the door approach, down to presenting in front of your clients. Lastly, we take you to a classroom style breakdown of the patented 5 part presentation formula, and actual presentations with clients in their own homes! One on one training calls/mentoring are also available with Shannon Davey with each agent. We also hold weekly training conference calls so you can be instructed and coached on living a better lifestyle as a successful agent. Finally, you can ride along with Shannon Davey and pick his brain while you personally sit in on his appointments.


Our lead source has an exclusive set price across the board. They have a lucrative platform to utilize, grow, and maintain your agency so you can fulfill a great book of business! Fresh direct-mail leads, A&B leads, Pre-recorded contacts, and much more… “Leads are receptive!”-Chad S. “Thanks again for the overflow leads I purchased last week. I was able to write $4,680AP”-Alfredo M.


High commission levels are available. Our agency is a non-captive agency but we do require your commitment, integrity, work-ethic, and trust to work together. All of our agents are independent and are contracted all through out the nation. Working in another state is not an issue as long as our carriers products are available in your state.