Free Final Expense Presentation Training

Why do we not charge for Final Expense Bootcamp?  I’ve been told I should charge for our Final Expense Sales Presentation Training.  I have not felt comfortable doing that because I feel that should just be part of the package—part of you becoming a member of my team.  Someone that is selling the training, obviously that is where he is making his money.  There’s no investment in you and no incentive to make sure you succeed.  His money is made up-front.

I don’t believe in selling our final expense sales training materials, because I’m going to reap the rewards of training you when you go out there and become successful.  There is no reason to fleece the flock.  You are already working on straight commission, you have to have money for gas, you have to put money up for leads—I would rather you took your resources and put them in to going out into the field and getting in front of clients.  It is just what feels fair to me.  Come be a part of our team, where we make an investment in you.

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