Getting Started

There is a myth that it takes a while to get started in the Final Expense Insurance business. The Final Expense Bootcamp Program is stream-lined to get you going as quickly as possible. As soon as we get a contract from you, you immediately go in to a queue for live trainings. While waiting for the insurance company to appoint you and issue you an agent number, you will already begin training on the companies, the presentations and all other aspects required to get you going.

As soon as you get an agent number, we do a mail drop in the area you provide for us. From that date, we have only 10-14 days before your first batch of leads come in. We can have leads in your hands in as little as three weeks from time you give us a contract. If you were to go the independent mail route, you’re not going to get leads for at least a month.

We can take an agent in off street, get that agent contracted, get him or her trained, get leads in the agent’s hands, and get him or her down to work. Right away, you will be able to be making ten to twenty presentations per week, earning real income. We have agents that their first week in the field are writing $5,000-$10,000 in annualized premiums. Find out how you can be a part of our team by clicking here.

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