Duties and Responsibilities:
Merrell Insurance Group & Final Expense Boot Camp is screening for Life Insurance Agents who are or would like to specialize in final expense sales.  We have one of the fastest growing agencies in the US due to our turnkey system which provides leads, training, and the companies to sell for.  Essential duties will include working our leads by making appointments with the prospect via telephone, or door knocking with the leads in hand.  Also, to perform in home presentations of our insurance products, writing applications and delivering the policies.

Job Responsibilities:
Our final expense sales agents are expected to work a minimum of 15 leads per week.  All leads will have been returned to us via 1st class postage from prospects requesting information on our “final expense life insurance program”.   There are no gimmicks or misleading information on the card encouraging a possible client to return this mail card to us.  At MIG we are independent insurance agents contracted to multiple companies so that we can provide the best insurance product possible for each client’s specific needs.  To present our products you will travel to the prospects home and give them a presentation of one of our insurance companies.  Average compensation per sale will range from $400 to $1,000, and agents on our lead system close an average of 25-30% or more, on each lead they receive from us.  Our system is designed for mass production allowing the agent to spend all of his/her time selling, no time prospecting or marketing.

Candidate Requirements:  
Active Life Insurance License (Life & Health preferred, but not required)
Strong work ethic
Reliable Transportation
Good at self time management
Enjoy working with seniors/people
Sales experience preferred
Errors and Omissions Insurance (Preferred, but not required)

Compensation:   $40,000 – $120,000+

General Job Information
Merrell Insurance Group, Inc.
Merrell Insurance Group was started in 1996 by Merrell Shannon Davey.  We are proud to say that we are one of the most respected and fastest growing agencies in the final expense market.  This is partly due to our extensive online video training, protected territories, and exclusive lead program.

Exclusive Leads:
First, we own the print shop, and our leads are absolutely exclusive to the particular agent that orders them.  In fact, we stamp the agent’s name in a code on the front of the lead before we ever mail it out.  We do it for two reasons.  One, so the agent knows that they are not getting an old recycled lead.  Two, so we know who the lead belongs to when it is returned to the home office.  We scan the code which sends that lead to the agent’s electronic mailbox where only they have username and password access to it!

Protected Territories:
Our lead program is designed in a way that does not over saturate an area since we would rather have one satisfied agent per area instead of two unhappy ones that do not have enough prospects to see.   Also, the agent gets to pick their exact territory, right down to zip codes in order of preference.  No more driving across the country to write some business!  Just move from one zip to the next, week by week!

Our online video training is industry leading.  We take you all the way from setting your appointments, packing your supplies and briefcase, the presentation of your car, the door approach, down to presenting in front of your clients.  Lastly, we take you to a classroom style breakdown of our patented 5 part presentation formula, and an actual presentation with a client in their own home!  We also hold weekly product knowledge training calls so you will know all the ins and outs of each carrier you represent with us.

What you can expect from Merrell Insurance Group:
1.       Fresh, Exclusive Leads
2.       Protected Territories
3.       Back Office Support
4.       Top Notch Training
5.       Proven Sales Presentation
6.       Appointment Setting Scripts
7.       Referral System
8.       Top Contracts
9.       Competitive Products
10.   Commissions paid Daily

Last Thoughts:
The Merrell Insurance Group is currently screening for life insurance across the US, in order to find the best fit for ourselves and our clients.  We can honestly offer you an avenue to earn a six figure salary with a residual income stream that will last for years.  Again, we are looking for agents with a strong work ethic, because although we have a great system it still requires WORK to work!  If this sounds like you please submit us your information via the “more info” section of this website and we will contact you as soon as possible.  Have a great day and Happy Selling!