Live Trainings with Shannon Davey

Our program includes weekly live trainings with Shannon Davey. Once you sign up with us, you will receive information about how to register for these trainings, which are held on Monday and Friday each week. Included are product knowledge trainings, where you will learn everything you need to know to work with a particular insurance company, things such as how to calculate premiums, how to write the application, and what supplies are needed. This training covers everything needed to have a complete application.

We also offer product knowledge training, which covers how to promote the appropriate product, based upon the client needs. This training helps you so that when you are out in the field and your client has a particular health issue, you know which companies to look at.

We will also go over the 5-Part Formula, your path to success. There is the opportunity to ask questions during the trainings. These trainings with industry-expert Shannon Davey are what set us apart from others. No one else is able to offer this level of expertise on a personalized basis. Sign up now and get started in your new career!

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