Selling Final Expense Insurance Over the Phone

Selling Final Expense Insurance over the phone may sound like an appealing idea.  The biggest reasons given for selling over the phone are that you are not spending money on gas and can work from home whenever you like.  You will be told you will save money selling over the phone, but does this really help you if you lose sales?

No matter how you sell Final Expense Insurance, there will be lead costs involved and you have to get licensed in whatever state you are going to sell in.  When selling over the phone, you lose the benefits of selling face-to-face.   If I called you over the phone and I sold you on Final Expense, first, you are going to  be skeptical because of all the scams out there.  When I do close you, if you get buyer’s remorse, you can just cancel the policy.  After that, all you have to do is not answer the phone anymore when I call.  Even if I do get through you can just hang up.  Selling over the  phone loses something, there is a lack of rapport.   People just cancel, and what are you going to do then, drive to Michigan and knock on their door?

When you sell face-to-face, you build a relationship with the client.  You are able to look the client in the eye, show your credentials, and start to build trust.  People buy from those they trust.  I just recently sold to someone who had already bought a policy over the phone, but chose to cancel that policy and buy from me, because she would rather buy from someone she can talk to and see in person.  She said “He is in another state.”  I told her “I’m right here.”  She liked that, telling me, “If I buy from you, if I need something, you can come to my house or I can come to your office.”   This shows the power and benefit of selling Final Expense Insurance in person.  Our training program gives you all the tools you need to feel confident selling Final Expense Insurance in-person.  Click here to find out more.

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