“I’d like to thank Shannon Davey’s agency for helping me get started in insurance. I was brand new to insurance when I contacted their office back in Nov 2011 and he & Jared answered all my questions honestly & professionally. I finally got my license & joined in Jan 2012, and from that point began their training program through conference calls & audio recordings & direct interaction. Shannon & his staff are nothing but honest professionals looking for quality hard working people to become successful Final Expense agents. I don’t feel anyone who will at least work hard & consistently can fail using their trainings & resources. I have seen a lot in my short career of how agencies take advantage of new people, and I feel so blessed to have found one without worrying if I’m getting a bum deal… MIG is 1st rate, a class act!”
“I have been in the insurance industry as a producer and an executive for a Fortune 50 insurance company for nearly 25 years. During that time I have had the benefit of attending many sales training programs and have studied several sales processes and have coached many agents. I my opinion, Shannon Davey’s Final Expense Bootcamp website is outstanding and is solid in it’s principles and presentation. I personally have benefited in reviewing again and again the critical final expense sales process. When, I am not getting the results I want in the field it is nice to be able to review at home. Selling is a contact sport and we need to practice everyday! “Coach” Shannon is also very personally responsive to help talk through issues and concerns, he is serious about others success, as well as his own… that is a wonderful feeling. With his model, we can be champions to the families we serve by learning to do it right and do it now. This is about life insurance and we are a blessing to those who need us. This programs shows us how to do it best.”
~Ray Borst, Chochise Insurance Center
“Thank you for allowing me to be part of your team. I enjoy your conference calls and I especially enjoy access to the presentation at the final expense boot camp website. Thanks to you, my door approach is a walk in the park.”
~Sean S. Simonyan
“I just wanted to write and let you know how helpful Shannon’s video was for me. I watched the training video at first and thought I should just go in and be myself and I would be ok. Yet, after David Trusler told me to trust Shannon’s way, I decided to study his video and to go in using Shannon’s method. I must say, it made everything so much easier. Yet, the most important part to me and what I found really helped me was to keep my smile no matter how I felt. Thanks and I know all of the meeting will not be as smooth, yet, this method and the whole program makes so much sense and easier for a new final expense agent like myself.”
~Ben Carter
“Thank you for allowing me to check out the Final Expense Bootcamp website. It is great! It is so helpful to see videos of your approach and presentation and information about the nuts and bolts of the business. Not having personal, face to face contact with a mentor on final expense sales makes this an essential learning tool to get started in, what for me, is a new venture of Final Expense Insurance sales even though I have been in the business for 36 years. Thank you also for your sincerity, enthusiasm and your heart for people.”
~Gert A. Walter, CLU, ChFC
“I learned of this site off a web search and what a lucky find. This company has the best approach to the final expense market of anyone. The office support for dealing with carriers, the direct mail leads, the online and ongoing training, and the ethics with which they do business are all first class. Coming from an advertising background, it has been a substantial transition to final expense. Being able to go online has helped speed up my learning curve. Watching Shannon is like a ride along in seeing the preparation, initial contact, presentation, and close of a final expense sale. He is truly a master salesperson. Moreover he is one of the few men I have seen in business that sets a moral tone and standard for his firm. I highly recommend this company.” Sincerely,
~Felix S. Joynt
“I am so thankful to have been introduced to finalexpensebootcamp.com. Shannon Davey is an expert in selling final expense life insurance. There is no better person to learn from in the business. By creating finalexpensebootcamp.com, he is allowing us to receive his training at no cost. Unbelievable! I 100% believe that if you watch the videos, do what he says, and work smart, you can make more money than you could ever imagine while helping families achieve peace of mind. What a blessing. Thank you Shannon Davey!”
~David Trusler
“I just want to thank two very special people at Merrell Insurance Group. I first want to thank Shannon Davey for all his help and encouragement. Second I want to thank Daniel Rodriguez for his patient understanding of an old guy who is trying to get back into the insurance business. I have been around the insurance business since 1995 and I can sincerely say without any doubt or hesitation that MIG is the best. They honestly care for you as a person, and want to see you become successful in the final expense business.”
~Grady Jones
Coming from the banking industry as a Financial Adviser for a Fortune 100 company, and being new to the Final Expense industry, I can truly say that my ongoing experience with Shannon Davey and his team has been extremely pleasant. You’re not just another agent when working with these guys. The support is awesome and everyone from your manager on down is genuinely interested in your own personal success. The meetings keep you motivated with shared stories of successes and best practices; awesome fellowship here. The training resources are awesome and abundant, and include video training to break it all down for you. On top of all that, they will work with you out in the field providing live training as well. So if you’re looking for a place to succeed at insurance sales then this is definitely the place to do that.
~Gil Vazquez
I am new to Final Expense Insurance after working in the residential mortgage business for nearly twelve years. I had serious concerns if selling final expense insurance would be a good fit for me but after going through Shannon Davey’s Final Expense Boot Camp it definitely helped put my mind at ease. It helped make me believe that I can do this… The Final Expense Boot Camp program is so thoroughly laid out and it covers all areas of the sales presentation. My favorite is the 5 part sales presentation and how Shannon covers all the “nuts and bolts” of a sales presentation. I know this is a tough business and I will have some growing pains but it is great to know that I can go back at any time and work on fine tuning my sales presentation by watching the Final Expense Boot Camp program. Thanks Shannon for this great opportunity look forward to working with you and MIG!
~Mike Wood
Just thought I would drop you a note thanking you for your training program. I think it provides the best of the best information and guidance on how to conduct yourself as a sales agent selling final expense insurance. Your program is for agents who want to become very successful. I have been in sales for a long time and found that the way you describe your “Five-Step Process” is as good as anything I have ever seen.
~Norman Stolack
The navigation guide that Shannon Davey and Danny Rodriguez provide for their agents helps speed up the process of choosing the insurance company with the lowest premium and acceptance for different kinds of health problems. I use Shannon’s final expense presentation, telephone appointment and door knocking wording. Due to his experience and success, it has given me confidence to sell Final Expense Insurance. It really helps to have a successful mentor and I am very thankful for Shannon’s training. On my first 5 presentations I sold 4 policies for a total of $3689 annual premium. I feel that I will have a long and successful future working with Shannon Davey, Danny Rodriguez and Equita Final Expense Services.
~Bill Burdette
I have been working in the senior market for 6 years and have always tried to develop a successful system to sell final expense and expand my products beyond just medicare advantage, and medicare supplements. Shannon and his Final Expense Boot Camp have finally made this possible. For the first time I have been able to combine product knowledge, sales, and a system to maximize my income. Shannon took time out of his busy schedule to “teach me the ropes”, and went on appointments with me for 2 days. It was spectacular, he is a great teacher and salesman. Because of the support I have received from MIG, FEBC, EFES, Shannon, Jared and the whole staff I have been able to start writing business from day one and have substantially increased my income. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is unsure about joining FEBC to do it, you wont be sorry!!!!!
~Ed Penry